CAESS Elections



The Nominations, Elections, and Credentials Committee met on March 21, 2019 and processed the election results.  Candidates have all been notified and the results were emailed to all members.  CONGRATULATIONS to the following people:

CAESS President:   Stacy Tayman

CAESS Secretary:   Aisling Elgesem

CAESS Members-at-Large:   Barbara “Liz” Calabrese, Dianna Napier and Alice Brooks

CAESS Funded NEA Delegates:   Marvin Stewart and Brenda Savoy

CAESS Funded MSEA Delegates:   Brenda Savoy, Dianna Napier, Aisling Elgesem and Barbara “Liz” Calabrese

A special thank you to Tamara Ealley for the all of the time she put into ensuring the election process went smoothly.