Building Representatives

Calvert Association of Educational Support Staff
Building Representatives 2016-2017
Barstow Elementary 443-486-4770
Jackie Winchester (IA)
Beach Elementary 410-257-1512
Pat Payne (Nurse)
Board of Education 410-535-1700
John Godfrey – Maintenance
Alice Brooks – Transportation
Calvert Country 410-535-7300
Shannon Sears (Nurse)
Calvert Elementary 410-535-7311
Sharon Haller (IA)
Calvert High 410-535-7330
Renee Stuart (IA)
John Foote (BSW)
Garry Harrod (BSW)
Calvert Middle 410-535-7355
Brenda Brown (BSW)
Career & Tech. Academy 410-535-7450
Virginia Freeland (SW)
Chespax 410-535-2960
Dowell Elementary 410-535-7802
Dawn Nava (Nurse)
Beth Falco (IA)
Hunting Creek Annex 410-535-7381
Huntingtown Elementary 410-535-7212
Jenna Kephart (Nurse)
Huntingtown High 410-414-7039
Jackie Waul (BSW)  
Kathy White (BSW)  
Mill Creek Middle 410-535-7824
Theresa Gross (BSW)
Connie Toohey (SEC)
Mt. Harmony Elementary 410-257-1611
Linwood Thomas (BSW)
Mutual Elementary 410-535-7700
Avis Weems (BSW)
Northern High 410-257-1519
Gwendolyn James (Café)
Northern Middle 410-257-1622
Stacie Stanbery (SEC)
Patuxent Appeal Campus Intermediate (AES) 410-535-7800
Curtis Commodore
Tia Weems (BSW)
Patuxent Appeal Campus Primary (PES) 410-535-7830
Margaret Stewart (SEC)
Patricia Dutcher (Nurse)
Patuxent High 410-535-7865
Babby Brooks (BSW)  
Brenda Savoy (BSW)
Lori Calvert (SEC)
Kandace Okoniewski (SEC)
Plum Point Elementary 410-535-7390
Robin Gray (IA)
Plum Point Middle 410-535-7400
Amelia Jeffries (IA)  
Southern Middle 410-535-7877
St. Leonard Elementary 410-535-7714
Vicki Bell (IA)
Sunderland Elementary 410-257-1501
Windy Hill Elementary 410-257-1539
Marie Limburg (Nurse)
Windy Hill Middle 410-257-1560